It is a general notion that men do not need a fixed skin care routine. It has been a joke that they are comfortable with a bar of soap to keep themselves neat. Despite following a simple routine, the new era of social media has influenced their skin care skills. More men focus on daily hydration and continue beauty diets for a youthful appearance.

It has been perceived that the male skin is coarser than that of a woman. But men also suffer from acne, black heads and imperfections caused by the combination of skin. Here are a few helpful tips to the alpha male to protect his skin.

Skin Checks:

Men need to conduct regular skin checks, it can be done just before taking a shower. They need to be prepared for blotches or moles appearing on the skin that are itchy and bleed. This might need an immediate appointment with the doctor. Men over 50 are at increased risk for melanoma, the most fatal form of skin cancer. Elderly men suffering from skin cancers are more prevalent than in the overall population. However, if detected early, skin cancer will be responsive to treatment.

Following a healthy shaving ritual:

Changing the blade after always seven shaves is necessary, so the need to choose a razor with multiple blades or a razor that shaves near the skin. It is also important to use a moisturizer to smooth the skin after shaving. Incase of bumps, in grown hair and burns a double razor is ideal.

Straight razors cause scratches, making you vulnerable to microbes and infections. The alcohol-based aftershave thus served to prevent infection. As straight shavers are a lot less common today, the aftershave has taken its time. There are aftershaves available without an alcohol base that can humidify your skin, thus if you want to convey on the practice, choose one of these. Alternatively, just use a moisturizer after a shave.

Avoiding poor diet:

Over-consumption of alcohol or tobacco may occur on the skin. It can make one look older and give a dull appearance. Same thing goes with skipping meals and including high fatty food. Instead, maintaining a healthy balance of organic vegetables and omega-6 fatty acid can rejuvenate the skin on the long run. Several nutrients are important for the maintenance of skin health. Vitamin C aids in producing collagen. An inadequate supply of vitamin C can reduce the elasticity and strength of the skin. It may also result in poor wound healing. Thus, a cup of orange juice or a bowl of strawberries are ideal to pack vitamin C.

Vitamin B is present in whole grain products, wheat germ and dairy. It prevents scaly, dry or oily skin and accelerates recovery. Vitamin A is found in green vegetables, egg yellows, liver and deep orange. Vitamin D in milk may suppress the signs of psoriasis. Thus, balanced nutrition is recommended for radiant skin.


After a lengthy day, cleansing your face and body is extremely important to get rid of impurities and dirt. Ditching the traditional soap and switching it up with a mild cleanser is recommended. Regular use of soap leaves the skin dry and flaky. Men can choose between a soft milk or a foaming cleanser to gently apply on the skin, and wash with warm water. In addition, exfoliating the skin 2 to 3 times per week is an added benefit. Using a scrub with natural ingredients such as citronella and eucalyptus will get rid of dead skin paritules. Resulting in a fresh and rejuvenated skin.

Using a sunscreen:

Even though men have tough skin texture it needs to be protected from the harmful UV rays. Regular application of sunscreen with SPF30 is highly recommended. The face, neck, ears and lips are vulnerable towards premature aging and skin related issues, hence protecting these areas with an effective sunscreen lotion are ideal.


Men can follow a basic beauty regime of cleansing, moisturizing and sunscreen protecting. Moisturizing being the most important technique that restores the natural oils after exfoliating the skin.

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