What is the Black Alkaline Water Trend that Celebrities are Crazy About

It is well known that celebrities love being papped after their gym breaks. The recent trend that has caught the social media attention is popular celebs carrying black water along with their gym bags. Be it the fitness expert Malaika Arora, Shruti Hassan or the fashion guru Manish Malhotra all are swearing by this new Holy Grail that they flaunt proudly to the paparazzi. So what exactly is the black water trend?

Components of Black Alkaline Water

The human body needs to stay hydrated and drinking water is the basic necessity. It is standard practice to consume at least eight glasses of water in one day. Recent studies show that black alkaline water contains over 70 minerals compared to ordinary drinking water. When it comes to measuring the alkaline content black water has pH level more than 7 as compared to normal water. This means that it counteracts the acidic effects on the human body and prevents a number of chronic diseases from occurring.

Why Black Alkaline water needs to be added to the diet?

Humans are living a sedentary and luxurious lifestyle. With improved career choices comes a fat paycheck that indicates eating out at restaurants and ordering food at home. These processed foods contain unwholesome toxins that enter the bloodstream. In addition, vegetables that go into the market system are mixed with heavy chemicals and fertilizers, making them an unhealthy option. The body retains these toxins in different forms that can then cause serious long-term diseases. Controlling diet and eating organically is a smart option, black alkaline water helps to remove these toxins from the intestine naturally.

It also makes it easier to detoxify and increases metabolism. Regular intake of alkaline black water promotes healthy absorption of nutrients, which strengthens immunity. This ionised water neutralizes the acid content in the body and increases the oxygen levels in the bloodstream. It also inhibits the growth of free radicals in the organism, which slows down the aging process. Nutritional research has shown that alkaline water has the potential to increase longevity, reduce the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and pancreatic disorders.

Benefits of drinking Black Alkaline water

Reverses aging:

It has been observed that regular consumption of black alkaline water has inhanced the overall personality. It promotes skin regeneration and induces fresh oxygen into the blood stream that is then pumped to vital organs.

Prevents Diabetes:

The minerals in the water help to reduce blood glucose, it also fights against the pancreatic beta cells which primarily cause diabetes. Antioxidants in water are beneficial in keeping the neurological system in good health.

Gut Health:

It is imperative to have good gut and excellent digestion to remain healthy. An acidic system signifies more infections and diseases. Black alkaline water succeeds in reducing the enzymes which cause acid reflux. It continuously controls human pepsin and acts as a buffer to the welfare of the intestine. An essential nutrient in producing good gut bacteria that aids strong digestion.

Removes fatigue:

Regular consumption of black alkaline water is known to encourage better sleep and raise mood. It also helps stimulate physical activity and break down stress.

Better bones and heart condition:

The presence of TDC (totally dissolved solids) in alkaline water aids in prevention of coronary heart diseases and certain types of cancer. Ageing related diseases such as bone loss due to osteoporosis can also be prevented.

Improves sports activities and metabolism:

No wonder it is the favorite of sports stars and celebrities as it helps to boost metabolic rate. It is also known for reducing blood viscosity after an intensive training session. Thus boosting overall well being.

Reduces acne and blemishes:

It has been observed that this black magic drink is packed with melanin control nutrients that can provide a lighter skin complexion. This reduces the pigmentation and imperfections associated with acne which damage the skin.

Good for fertility:

Women preparing for pregnancy can increase their chances through consumption of black alkaline water. It maintains pH levels in the cervical zone by successfully reducing the cervical mucus that clogs the sperms to create a fertile environment. Alkaline water increases the probability of conceiving through the management of pH levels.

So, whether it’s about looking young and radiant or simply reducing stress levels, this magical water trend is drawing worldwide attention from celebrities and fitness enthusiasts. Since the beginning of the pandemic, people have become increasingly aware of the need to approach health problems in a natural way. The trend of black alkaline water is attributed to a health-conscious generation. Finally, it is advisable to consult a nutritionist or physician before jumping onto the bandwagon and starting an alkaline diet.

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