Is double shampooing good for your hair?

You might have seen people going for double shampooing every time they wash their hair. Girls are taught mostly from the start to rinse and repeat! People generally go for twice hair washes weekly and even in that they prefer double shampooing. Double shampooing is the process where you apply shampoo twice to your hair. This is done to remove the oiliness from your hair but leads to dry ends too. Further, this is thought to be the go-to process for cleansing your hair. Instead of washing your hair twice a week, you can go for double shampooing once. This will help to remove the grease from your hair too.

How does double shampooing work on your hair?

Firstly, it starts by breaking down the dirt and oil inside the hair ends. Too much pollution and oil get stuck on your scalp. The first shampoo will not generate enough lather that you might need. Only in the second wash do you get rid of the dirt. Further, the second wash leaves your hair feeling clean and healthy. But it is so much essential that you use a sulphate-free shampoo if you want desired results. Moisturizing shampoos are great when you are going for double shampooing.

Procedure on going ahead with double shampooing

  1. Start by wetting your hair from the roots to the tips. It depends on the length of your hair and the amount of shampoo you will need. Or else you can take a handful of shampoo and apply it just on your scalp. The scalp is always oily.


  1. Create the lather and massage the shampoo well on your hair. Use just the right amount of pressure to penetrate through the scalp. Do it for about 45 to 50 seconds to get the desired results.


  1. The third step is to rinse your hair. Then after applying shampoo to your hair again. This time take lesser shampoo on your palm. This time too apply it on the scalp and scrub for just about 1 minute. Take the right amount of product on your palm.


  1. Use conditioner after every shampoo. It keeps your hair shiny and healthy. Also, it removes the tangles in your hair. Keep the conditioner for about 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing it off.


Is double shampooing good for your hair?

If your hair is greasy at the roots, it means the oil is not washed properly from your hair. This happens generally if you have curly or thick hair. People with curly hair should spend more time with the shampooing part. It is good for them to go for double shampooing. It might cause skin irritation but to remove the oil, double shampooing works better. Also, there is another technique called slow shampooing. It’s like using the shampoo once and washing it after scrubbing for about 15 minutes. Double shampooing is okay in some situations but it’s best if you don’t prefer it daily.

Clarifying shampoos and scalp cleaners are two basic things when you plan to shampoo your hair. Scalp cleaners help to exfoliate the dead cells on your scalp. Furthermore, it removes any dirt that built up on your hair. If you use too much hair spray, the grease and dirt tend to stick to the surface. Clarifying shampoos are not made for everyday use. If you use it too often, it strips the natural oils from your hair.

Mistakes you make when washing your hair

  1. Using too much conditioner

One of the common mistakes is that people apply conditioner to their scalps. Conditioner is for the nourishing part so you can apply it to the roots only. Keep the conditioner in your locks for about two minutes to get the desired results. Wash it off with cold water to help in retaining the moisture.


  1. Not using the right hair products

You might spend hours searching for the right product for your hair and end up buying the wrong one. Find the right conditioner and shampoo that can work wonders on your hair. For instance, for curly hair, shampoos with nourishing oils can make hair healthy and shiny. Similarly, the shampoos that are for curly hair are not for straight ones.


  1. Brushing of hair in the shower

When your hair is wet, you should not use a brush. Combing your hair then can lead to more hair fall. Wait until your hair is dry and then brush from the root to the tips.


It takes effort if you want beautiful locks of hair. It’s well worth the few extra minutes in the shower. So choose wisely and do the best for your hair!

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