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Wellness Trends that have Exploded after the Pandemic

The global pandemic came as a surprise to the health and wellness sector. Social distancing and isolation have led to mental health problems and contactless treatments for diseases. Being held captive in the confines of home for longer periods have made people to appreciate nature and the environment. There has been a significant change in the functioning of the wellness market after the pandemic. Let us take a look at how people are recovering from long hours of confinement while maintaining physical hygiene.

Touchless experience

Spa’s are resorting to giving maximum satisfaction to customers with various touchless treatments. Vibratory therapy is one such well-being practice that includes individuals to relax on vibrating beds while listening to multi-layered binaural audio programs via headphones. The primary goal of this sensory program is to reduce inflammation, anxiety, stress and lift mood while using the frequencies of brain waves. Cryotherapy is another non-contact health treatment, literally a cold therapy. In the process, the body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for two to four minutes.

Isopods are another way to relax the body and mind. The idea is to lie down in insulated floating pods with soft music. Oxygen capsules have also become popular after COVID-19. The experiment takes 10 to 15 minutes and involves a dry salt mist, as well as pumping up to nine liters of oxygen concentrated in the room per minute. This reduces the symptoms of aging and improves immune balance.

Online fitness:

Yoga classes, guided meditation, zumba lessons, cookery classes based on nutrition, pilate and even virtual fitness challenges. All these activites have taken over during the pandemic. There is a surge of videos, photos and live streams on the social media platforms. There are many virtual fitness apps that provide you with free virtual workouts or paid workouts that you can do outdoors.

For people who spend most of their day working indoors, changing the landscape and being physically fit outdoors can help boost your mental wellness. You can even do live broadcasts and on-demand video workouts if you have space away from home. Eye yoga is another popular online fitness for working professionals and students alike. Since work at home and online lectures have become the standard, it becomes imperative to protect the eyes from the constant tension of the screen. Yoga consists of beneficial eye movements to improve vision, relieve stress and provide concentration.

Wearable Health devices:

Health tracking app and technology has exploded in the post pandemic era. Oura rings have taken over to maintain a track on sleep patterns, physical activities and calorie burnout. High level athletes use this ring to keep track of their performance on the field. Fitbit charger helps to monitor the heart rate and blood pressure. It is also stores vital information about the daily use of calories and analysis sleep. The GlucoWise diabetes detector is a developing sensor that can measure blood glucose levels by simply putting it on the skin between your thumb and your index finger. Real-time measurements would then be displayed in a smartphone application.  The device uses a specific frequency of radio waves for the measurement of blood glucose. The post COVID 19 imunity tracker allows individuals to keep a record of their antibodies as a result of infection or vaccination.

Food management:

The population has become more health conscious and are shifting towards plant-based dietary supplements. Healthy snacking has taken over the junk food industry, there are many nutrional blogs/vlogs that are educating the masses to prepare lip smacking food from the comfort of home. Even as offices are opening professionals are now preferring home cooked meals over the regular restaurant fares. Consumers are increasingly conscious and demand total transparency about the food ingredients and sources they put in their bodies. They want to know exactly what goes into their food, where it comes from, and how it was grown or produced. The market also seeing a jump in consumption of immune boosting food sources.

Beauty Snacking:

There has been a shift towards self-care from the comforts of home. With more individuals opting for face masks, touchless facial treatments, building a spa at home and also following hygiene routines. With extended periods of lockdown and the shift to working from home there has been considerable disruption in the morning and evening beauty treatments. Now beauty influencers are promoting ‘beauty snacking’ which means micro moments of skin care pleasure while working. This could include a quick manicure, treating oneself to invigorating body mist, applying soothing lip balm, waxing, or even scrubing off the dead cells. Dry shampooing in between office meetings is also picking up, also are hand and face hygiene routines.

The goal is to take a refreshing and energizing break that will help you avoid the monotony of this period of social distancing. In this way, the trend towards “beauty snacks” took shape.


The pandemic has clearly shown that socio-economic status has a direct link to well-being. Mental health has gained more awareness and it has become effortless to reach out to health experts via apps and online sessions. These wellness trends are inspiring people to follow the passions they love through a dynamic social structure. The focus is now on mental and physical recovery from the period of lockdown.

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